City Advises Residents to be Wary of Coyotes

The city said coyote sightings have increased and warned that unleashed dogs are especially vulnerable to attacks.

A coyote. Patch file photo.
A coyote. Patch file photo.

The City of Cerritos posted an advisory on its website warning of increased sightings of Coyotes and encouraging residents to take precautions.

To avoid an encounter with a coyote, the city advises residents to do the following:

  • Feed pets indoors
  • Eliminate food and water sources, such as fallen fruit and standing water
  • Keep yards free of thick brush and weeds
  • Enclose the bottoms of porches and decks
  • Keep dogs on a leash at all times when outdoors
  • Keep small animals inside unless they are supervised. 

The city noted that a fenced yard will not protect small animals, as coyotes can easily scale a residential fence. Domestic dogs are especially vulnerable to coyote attacks.

If you or your pets are approached by an aggressive or fearless coyote, the city suggests the following tactics:

  • Shout in a deep voice
  • Wave your arms
  • Throw objects at the animal
  • Look the coyote directly in the eyes
  • Stand up if you are seated
  • If you are wearing a coat, spread it open like a cape so that you appear larger
  • Retreat by walking slowly backward and do not turn your back on the coyote

  • Coyotes have seemingly lost their fear of humans, which may be a result of behavioral changes that have occurred over several generations of coyotes, the city advisory said.


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