Know of a Business in Cerritos-Artesia Opening or Closing?

Tell Patch who’s moving in, moving out and shaking things up in Cerritos and Artesia.

Sprouts & Shutters is a business column that tracks store openings and closings in Cerritos and Artesia.

Whether you're a business owner about to open a new establishment or a local resident who noticed a “Coming Soon” or “Out of Business” sign, tell Patch about it by sending an email to mariesam@patch.com. Don't worry if you don't have all the details—tips are helpful, too, but please include a business name and city.

The information will be used for the Sprouts & Shutters column and to update the business directory.

Cerritos Lifer February 26, 2013 at 01:08 AM
does anybody know what stores are going to go into the new development by the Cerritos Mall? I know that new sleep number matress store is going to go where that old bank was!


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