New Guppy Green House Offers Fresh Twist to Old Favorites

The latest addition to the Guppy family serves up a new line of dishes alongside all their signature drinks and desserts. Take advantage of a special 20% off discount, good only until Sept. 11.

The new opened its doors to the public on Friday, August 12. Located on South Street across the street from the  and adjacent to the , the latest addition to the Guppy family features a different menu, is easily accessible via freeway, and offers ample parking. 

What is the difference between Guppy Green House and ?

Being part of the same corporation, there are many sights at the new location that will be familiar to old and faithful Guppy fans.

The interior is small (maximum capacity is only 38) and lined with lush, green hanging plants. The adorable orange-fish logo brands everything in the restaurant and HD TVs display mock aquariums. Umbrellaed outdoor seating is available for patrons that are seeking sunlight or for those that fail to find seating indoors.

So with the original  located just down the street, many wonder, why bother trying the new place? 

When confronted with the same question, Guppy Green House Store Manager, David Li, explained that, "the stores are owned by the same owners, but our location is more convenient, very fast, and offers different entrees."

Though the original Guppy menu boasts nearly 200 items (the Green House only offers about 65), the Green House offers new and fresh menu items in addition to all your favorite Guppy drinks and desserts. These new dishes include black pepper beef, kung pow pork, pan fried chow mein, orange fish chips, and vegetable shrimp fried rice just to name a few. 

Li also went on to explain that, unlike Panda Express and other Chinese/Taiwanese fast food venues, Guppy Green House makes a point to use fresh ingredients in order to deliver a better taste and healthier options for their customers. 

In addition to my shaved ice, I had the pleasure of trying the popcorn chicken rice platter and kimchi dumplings. 

Shaved Ice

The shaved ice is one of Guppy's most treasured menu items. Fresh mango, strawberry, banana, red bean, taro, sweet milk, or boba can be combined to flavor your icy mountain. Green Guppy House's shaved ice is offered in two sizes (to-go and for here), both of which are very generous portions for their price. 

I ordered the the mixed fruit shaved ice in the "to-go" size, which was plenty for two hot and hungry people to share. For only $6.50, I received a large tub of shaved ice topped with fresh fruit (mango, strawberry, and banana) and sweet milk. Though I usually prefer a sweeter mango, the tart mango chunks in my shaved ice were a nice balance to the mild bananas and the sweet strawberries and milk.

In the end, I would definitely recommend Guppy Green House. In fact, I prefer this location because of their space, location, and attractive outdoor seating. At Guppy Green House, the food is made to order, service is fast, portions are large, and everything was delicious. What more could anyone ask for?

Special Offer

Customers can receive a special coupon for 20% their entire Guppy Green House purchase when they visit either Cerritos Guppy locations. Offer is good until 9/11/2001. 

complete menu for Guppy Green House is available online. 


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