VIDEO: Lobsters Are Biting for Commercial Fishers

Warm water seems to be producing more and bigger delicious lobster this year out of the Port of Long Beach's Berth 55.

It's been a good start for the business of fishing lobster, as we found this weekend on the harbor, with commercial lobster fishermen Craig "Beaker" Jacobs and Gaige Bilich, returning to Berth 55 in Long Beach.

The two men work 12 hours a day and love what they are doing. Warmer water makes the lobster molt more often, and hence grow larger. The El Nino weather condition has commercial fishermen off to a good year.

Of course, recreational lobster fishermen have also been doing well hoop-netting off the coast. 

You'll see hundreds of pound of lobster being off-loaded in Long Beach and hear from the fishermen themselves how the 2012 season is going. But watch the video and see for yourselves.


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