Baskin Robbins Mini Cones are Mega Delicious

In a world dominated by yogurt and made to order ice cream, Baskin Robbins launches their customizable mini cones.

Competition Breeds Innovation

During the 1990s Baskin Robbins dominated the frozen-treat industry and their 31 flavors were all we ever knew. In the years that followed,  came and introduced us to an almost endless number of combinations with a new set of ice cream flavors and a creative use of texture and taste with their add-ins. Fast-forward to today and the yogurt frenzy where Pinkberrys and  are popping up left and right. But where does this leave good old ?

There is no doubt that these changes in the frozen-treat industry affected Baskin Robbins' sales and fan-base. So in order to compete with their new competitors, Baskin Robbins has tried a variety of tactics. In addition to their 31 flavors, Baskin Robbins incorporated an array of sherbets and frozen yogurts to their menu. They also upped their decorating game and began offering stylish and customizable ice cream cakes. 

Introducing the Mini Cone

Baskin Robbins' latest competitive creation is the mini cone.  

“The miniature dessert trend continues to grow and gain popularity across the country, and our new Mini Cones certainly fit right in,” said Brian O’Mara, Vice President of Marketing for Baskin-Robbins. 

Released alongside an endorsement from the Captain America movie, the mini cones are marketed as a convenient party-pack. For $9.99, customers recieve sixteen miniature cones and can pick up to four flavors. 

Pros and Cons

At first, this gimic seemed excessive and unnecessary. At the Cerritos location, customers must order the pack at least 24 hours in advance. The treats are packaged so that each cones sits in its own slot, though they are still easily jostled during transportation. Prior to serving the mini cones, I was less than impressed.

I served the mini cones at a family party and, to my surprise, they were a huge hit! The small cones offer a perfect serving of ice cream for kids as well as adults. The packaging makes serving very quick and easy. Also, because customers can pick up to four flavors per pack, everyone's tastes can be satisfied. 

In the past, serving ice cream was kind of a pain in the rear: large buckets of ice cream would often melt in the summer sun, ice cream cones were often damaged and broken in their packages, and you were always left with a tub of left overs in the freezer. Now, the new mini cones offer an easy and hassle free alternative that I will definitely invest in again. 

Jackie Jennings August 11, 2011 at 12:49 AM
Super idea, but is the box a good size to put in the freezer?
MarieSam Sanchez (Editor) August 11, 2011 at 01:29 PM
Jackie. I've seen the box and its not too big at all! It can definitely fit inside a freezer with ease :) And the mini-cones are a perfect little treat that kids will love!


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