Where Do You Go on Day Trips Near Cerritos and Artesia?

Monday again. Ugh. No time like the present to start planning for the weekend!

Remember when you first heard the word staycation?  Most likely it was way back in the early years of the 21st century, when gas prices spiked tremendously.

Higher energy costs prompted many of us to curtail airline travel—no one wanted to pay the exorbitant fuel surcharge fees—and we even reduced the frequency of interesting, but costly, car jaunts.

But that is all in the past. Or is it?

It really doesn’t matter.  More often than not, lack of time and conflicting friends’ and family schedules are the contributing factors hampering sociable togetherness. Rather than carve out days or weeks to vacation together—or alone—it just may be time to simply plan a day trip or two.

For most of us, local excursions or visits to nearby sites can be as equally pleasurable and they sure require less planning and coordination.

So where do you go on day trips nearby? Almost anywhere. 

Perhaps a long hike—well, maybe not that long—with a backpack full of edible treats to enjoy along the way. Pack up the fun and go. While a staycation may involve amusing activities in the home, let’s face it, those beastly chores and household tasks often get in the way. Enjoying books, board games, or simply some quiet time can be done at nearby parks, beaches or outdoor venues. 


Often travelers will contact the Chamber of Commerce of their planned vacation destination, to get an idea of activities, events and tourist attractions available to visitors.  A little investigation into regional municipalities just might result in a wealth of information and arm you with any number of potential adventures. Think of the places in your area where out of towners come to visit, and be a tourist yourself.


Museums, art galleries, regional and local theatres, and concert halls rotate their offerings and displays frequently enough that day trips can be planned at a moment’s notice or throughout the year. Plus, after exposure to such cerebral exploits, you’ll be able to flaunt your new cultivated self to friends and family.

Not only can local day trips provide individual or group fun, they deliver off-site revelry without the cost and hassle of arranging overnight accommodations, multiple meals per day, and potentially complicated travel logistics.

This weekend, hop on a train or bus—or simply start the car and go.

But first, tell us in comments where you take your favorite day trips. Maybe we'll see you there!


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