Swap that Gas-Powered Lawn Mower for an Electrical One

AQMD is now accepting applications from lawn mower owners to exchange their old gas mower for a quiet electrical one.

The Southern California smog regulatory agency is, for the 10th year, accepting applications from lawn mower owners to swap their fume-generating gas machines for subsidized and quiet, clean electrical mowers.

Since 2003, some 43,438 gas-power mowers have been purchased by the South Coast Air Quality Management District and sent to junkyards, the agency said in announcing the 10th annual buyback program.

Six different battery-powered electric mowers are being offered by the AQMD in exchange for working gas models. The subsidized prices range from $100 for a small model to $220 for the largest model, which has electric motors to propel it.

Persons wanting to exchange their functioning gas mowers can register at www.aqmd.gov or call (888) 425-6247. The program is open to residents of urban areas of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino counties.

Lawn mowers will be exchanged at weekend events on May 19 in Indio, June 9 in Pasadena, June 16 in Rancho Cucamonga, June 23 in Long Beach and June 30 in Anaheim. Residents of any location within the district may attend swaps out of their home counties, the AQMD said.

John B. Greet May 07, 2012 at 06:34 PM
I wonder if the AQMD has figured out how much pollution is created to generate the electricity to run those new quiet electric mowers? As a side note: Since 2003, the SCAQMD hasn't "purchased" anything, let alone "some 43,438 gas-power mowers". The taxpayers did that. I wonder whether anyone at SCAQMD even thought to ask the taxpayers whether they even wanted their money spent in that way?
Nancy Wride May 07, 2012 at 08:16 PM
We have a manual lawnmower, which takes longer to get out than to mow the lawn. Yet our babysitter would have asthma attacks when the yard people next door used diesel lawnmowers and the leaf blowers. It was right under our windows given how close the Shore lives. But couldn't all kinds of things be framed in this "public pays" way? Nobody asks me, for instance, if I want to pay a college president or chancellor a $50,000 transportation or car yearly allowance. Nobody asked you or I if we wanted to pay for retirement terms for some public employees who are not in public safety, etc. etc. etc.
John B. Greet May 08, 2012 at 01:04 AM
Points taken, Nancy. There seems far too little concern on the part of many taxpayers about how their tax revenues are spent or, in so many cases, abjectly wasted. To use the current story as an example, how many taxpayers even think to question where AQMD gets the authority to run such a rebate program, whether or not there is any valid science behind their doing so (e.g. pollution created generating the electricity on which these additional electric mowers will use), and whether it is the proper purpose of government to use taxpayer funds to offer rebates of this sort in the first place. Folks just seem to take such government actions in stride these days. Never acknowledging, apparently, that government *has* no money of its own with which to run such programs. So folks just swollow press release phrases such as "Since 2003, some 43,438 gas-power mowers have been purchased by the South Coast Air Quality Management District..." never noticing how fraudulent such a phrase truly is.


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