Measure A Would Increase City Revenues While Eliminating Power Plant Impacts

Carlsbad study corroborates Measure A proponents' position that the zoning would increase city revenues.

In 2008, the city of Carlsbad commissioned a study looking at potential city revenues from their power plant site. The site has a current power plant and the power plant operator wanted to add another new plant to the site. Carlsbad studied a variety of scenarios that ranged from all power generation; to mixes of power generation, commercial, hotel and park uses; mixes of commercial, hotel, and park uses without any power generation, and a new power plant plus a desalination plant.

The scenarios with no power plant and all commercial/hotel/park uses outperformed all scenarios that included a power plant. This study shows that Measure A zoning is better for Redondo Beach revenues than the alternative of building the new plant and allowing AES to add commercial development to the rest of the site. Measure A provides more revenue for the city while eliminating the negative environmental, health and financial impacts of the power plant on the surrounding neighborhoods and businesses.

Extrapolating the results of this study for Measure A, results in projected City of Redondo revenues of about $8.5 million per year. Current city revenues from AES are under $400,000 per year. On top of that, City studies show the power plant decreases business revenue and property value growth, decreasing city revenues from property, hotel and business sales taxes and placing the success of our new $100+ million harbor revitalization at risk. A new power plant is bad for city revenues.

Even with San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station offline during our worst heatwaves in years, AES Redondo Beach only ran at a paltry 6.18 percent of capacity through the first nine months of 2012. CAISO studies and testimony to the City Council demonstrate that we don’t need power from a power plant in Redondo. 

Now AES’ application shows that particulate pollution will increase from the 3.3 tons per year AES reports on the current plant to a projected 17.1 tons at AES’ lowest projected run rate. Their new cleaner plant will pollute more because it will run more.

We don’t need the power. AES and City studies show the significant negative environmental and financial impacts of the power plant. And now the Carlsbad study provides solid evidence that Measure A zoning would result in substantial increases in city revenue from its commercial/hotel development alone without even considering the increased tax revenue from increases in surrounding property values and harbor area business revenues.  

The building evidence paints a very clear and compelling picture. Do we vote for reduced city and business revenues, decreased property values, increased pollution, and 50 years of blighting impacts; OR, increased city and business revenues, increased property values, decreased pollution, and elimination of harbor area blighting influence? 

Voting Yes on Measure A is a no-brainer.

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Fred Reardon January 06, 2013 at 12:37 PM
You can't help but wonder why AES is pushing so hard for a plant that is not a "must run" and not necessary for grid reliability? Look no further than their tenants desalination experiment which has already failed last February and resulted in a chemical leak which killed most of the aquatic life they were experimenting with. Many of us are concerned that it is AES's intent to lease property to the water district for a desalination plant. If that is the case, it appears we will be replacing one form of aquatic life killing (once through power plant cooling via ocean water) with another...an aquatic life desalination killing machine. Desalination will have an expensive and hungry appetite for electricity. I think AES is banking on it? I could care less about AES's sense of entitlement to operate a new plant here. They don't have a right to run a new plant. It's the decision of Redondo Beach citizens via zoning and the people of California via the California Energy Commission. So the notion that someone is taking their property is unfounded. They don't have a permit for a new plant. In fact, if you have read the CEC's recent comments regarding their application, the CEC has commented that the application is substantially incomplete.
Fred Reardon January 06, 2013 at 12:56 PM
Admittedly, like many other neighbors I have spoken with in Redondo Beach, I thought the plant was clean and didn't know it caused a health risk. Shame on me and my ignorance. Shame on me for believing it was being "phased out." Shame on me for exposing my wife and child to this toxic threat which I believe contributed to the premature birth of my child. It sickens me knowing that I may be exposing my family to a heightened risk of getting lung disease, lung cancer, asthma, etc. I now know the dangers. And, that is why I am choosing to fight this new pollution. Every day, I know many of us secretly pray that the plant won't run and threaten our health. Many of us are stubborn and continue to hope the insanity will end soon.
Fred Reardon January 06, 2013 at 12:57 PM
I often think it would be easier to move away and sleep better at night. However, another part of me says "fight this plant" it's the right thing to do. I am blessed to have many great neighbors and friends here which is another reason for staying. There you have it Kelly. I have been as honest and straight forward as I can be. I truly don't mean any ill will towards you. I am simply passionate about my beliefs wrong or right. I don't know if my long and tiresome litany will change your mind about a new power plant? Needless to say, I have definitely played my honesty card. I am confident that most of my neighbors in Redondo Beach feel as I do. They don't want this plant. And they are going to vote Yes on Measure A. And then they will do everything they can to convince the California Energy Commission to deny the new plant permit.
Grant Patterson January 07, 2013 at 05:54 AM
Kelly, thanks for the posts. The more I hear your unsubstantiated, foolish attacks on Jim Light, the more you've convinced me to vote for him. The honest guys always get attacked. His track record is actually quite impressive I must say. He has Redondo residents' best interest at heart. A quality hard to find these days.
Alexander Starr January 09, 2013 at 07:52 PM
Cindy, The CEC will NOT likely override Measure A zoning if it passes. Measure A is our only chance to stop a new power plant. From a State Auditor Report: "According to the Energy Commission’s sitting office manager, out of more than 130 applications, the Energy Commission has "overridden local decisions" regarding land use designations in FOUR instances." Summary: the CEC has DENIED new power plant permits in 97% (4 out of 130 cases) of the applications where local governments opposed a new powerplant! If measure A passes, we have a 97% chance the CEC will NOT override Measure A. 97% chance! I like those odds!! YES on Measure A


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