Learning on YouTube. No Seriously.

Youtube can be used as an educational tool and can help you learn everyday.

I’m not going to lie, I go on Youtube a lot. So much that I am often told to stop watching videos in the middle of homework or at 10 pm. However, what I watch might be different from what other kids watch. I am subscribed to several channels that have  educational value or are actually video lessons. These lessons are very different from anything taught in school because they are almost always presented in a colorful manner with drawings, and animation. The topics are really interesting too.

I recently watched a video by Youtube user CGPGray called “Digital Aristotle: Thoughts on the Future of Education,” which discussed a meeting the user went to, held by Youtube, in which the future of education was discussed. In the video, the user named CGPGray explains that Youtube is a library full of information and great tools to learn and succeed. He believes the future of education lies in a video library similar to Youtube called “Digital Aristotle”. This library would serve as a personal tutor for every person. While waiting for this educational nirvana, it seems Youtube can still imitate this idea.  Here are some Youtube channels that will make you see the light:


Random videos about history and hypothetical situations relating to headlines in the news. Very trivial.


A channel filled with scientific explanations to daily life, what if and how videos such as “How How Can It Get?” and “What If Everyone Jumped At Once?”. The videos are presented with scientific evidence on what would happen and answers to simples questions like “How Much Does A Shadow Weigh?” or “Why Do We Have Two Nostrils?”.


A channel similar to Vsauce, however this one specifically focuses on physics and how it applies to real life.


A channel filled with crash courses in Biology, World History and Ecology. Want to take a full World History class? Crashcourse has 42 videos to learn from starting at man’s earlier days to present times with globalization.


A channel filled with science hypotheticals, experiments, facts and video about what's going on with Mars now.


A channel which explains economic solutions, ideas and things that are happening right now, such as the recession.


A channel which explains how stuff works, explores the coolest places on earth and tells you about the Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know(click the link to find out!)


A Youtube channel filled videos about math, physics, economics, history and any other subject you can think about. Easily the best one of them all.

These channels and many more can make your experience on Youtube more educational. Youtube can be a place for learning and becoming a smarter person. Maybe you’ll learn things you didn’t know before about your surroundings and how you interact with them. If you ever wanted to be the one percent, here is your chance.

While nearly 97 million people have viewed teenage heart throb Justin Bieber’s “Beauty And A Beat” featuring Nicki Minaj, the world history lessons I recommend will put you in an elite with me. The first lesson garnered less than one percent of that. 

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Squigglemom, Trish Tsoi-A-Sue December 03, 2012 at 03:09 PM
Hi Marcos, I highly approve of your observations. I wanted to share my new learning You Tube series with you. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xtiZSpKF790
Andrew December 09, 2012 at 06:04 PM
I agree with you YT have some excellent videos.


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