A Local Beauty Secret: The Art and Practice of Threading

A look at the ancient hair removal technique of threading and its popularity in modern society, especially in the city of Artesia.

For generations, women have struggled with trying to find the safest and most efficient hair removal technique to ensure that unwanted hair is removed and their skin remains feminine and soft. While laser treatments remove hair for extensive periods of time, it is expensive and unpredictable as far as side effects. Others turn to tweezing but it takes time and patience, and hair grows back quickly making the whole process inefficient.

But one method has risen above the rest in recent years, and over time, has proven to be efficient and inexpensive especially in the Cerritos and Artesia -- the hair removal technique of threading.

What is Threading?

Threading is a hair removal practice that originated in the Eastern and Middle Eastern world and has been used by women for hundreds of years. It was the prominent form of hair removal due to the fact that it is inexpensive and provided lasting results and was therefore used by most women in that part of the world. Eventually, its benefits and relatively easy technique was introduced to salons in the Western world, where it instantly became a popular service. Nowadays, the only difficult part of threading is learning the technique or finding someone you trust to do it for you!

How Does It Work?

Threading uses a 100% cotton thread that is twisted and rolled over areas of hair to remove. The hair is caught in the twisted thread and removed at once from the follicle. The method is more precise than waxing which doesn’t allow for shaping of eyebrows, and all hair in the area being threaded is removed at once, including smaller hair that isn’t often seen with tweezing. The result is a much cleaner look in comparison to hair that has been tweezed.

A beautician can either use two hands to slide the thread back and forth, or put one end of the thread in their mouth while directing the thread with a free hand. This helps control the direction of the thread, especially when it is used for shaping the brows.

(See the image carousel for step-by-step photo instructions on threading.)

Are There Any Side Effects?

Unlike waxing and laser hair removal, which can burn your skin and leave unwanted scars, threading requires no heat and therefore will not burn or scar your skin. It is an all-natural remedy that uses nothing but thread. Additionally, it has been used for generations and the only side effects that could potentially occur is slight breaking out in the area where the hair has been removed or skin irritation that goes away within a few hours.

If you have never had your face threaded, it is a good idea to make sure the area is properly cleaned before and after the threading to prevent any kind of breakouts. Wash your face and avoid wearing makeup while you are being threaded and make sure you thoroughly cleanse the area afterwards to make sure no bacteria collects in the newly opened pores. To prevent irritation the beautician will ask that you help by holding the skin tight where the hair is being removed so that the skin does not get caught in the thread. Many stylists will use baby powder in the area being threaded to make it soft and easier for the thread to glide over the skin.

The chances for permanent scarring, or thicker hair growth is slim. Hair generally grows back finer and after a week to three weeks, depending on the person's natural hair growth. 

What Areas are Generally Threaded?

Although threading may be used on any skin type and on anywhere on the body, it is only recommended for the face. Larger areas tend to be more time consuming, especially because the area being removed each time is only the length of the thread. Because hair growth is not permanently stopped, just delayed for a week or two, the time spent in removing hair on larger areas with threading is not usually worth it. Majority of women use threading as a technique to remove hair on their eyebrows because it is a precise form and allows for shaping.

Where Can I Find Someone To Get Threaded?

Due to the ever growing popularity of threading, it is a service available to almost anyone who is interested in having it done. If you are a quick learner it may also be easy for you to learn and thread on yourself without having to go to a salon. If you prefer to have it done by a professional, there are plenty of places in the Southern California area that provide the service, especially in the Cerritos and Artesia area where threading salons can be found all along Pioneer Boulevard in .

Pioneer Boulevard is filled with many different places to choose from, as well as Indian restaurants and clothing stores. The general price for threading is anywhere between $4 to $10 dollars, depending on the experience and prestige of the beauticians. One of the best places to go in Little India is , where the artists are trained and taught the method in their Ziba Beauty Academy. Other threading salons in the area include, Farri's Beauty Salon & Supply, Sona Chandi, Vinita's Beauty & Threading Studio and Lemon Tree Spa.

Appointments can be made, but walk-ins are also generally welcomed, as the process does not take more than five to 10 minutes. I recommend that you find a place that is convenient for you, and a threading artist who shapes your eyebrows exactly how you like them. Much like a hair stylist, once you find someone that works for you, it is best to stay with them and continue to make your appointments with them every few weeks.

Threading is an ancient art that women have practiced for generations. Once you have had your hair removed by this tried and true method, you will understand why so many women believe in its benefits. The results are amazing and are easily obtained without having to pay a ridiculous amount or waste extensive amounts of time. It is no wonder that the art of threading has been thriving for centuries and its use is truly addicting when it comes to one’s beauty regimine.


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