Four Arrested, Five Sought in Illegal Drug Sale Operation at Lakewood Restaurant/Bar

The Hideaway Restaurant/Bar in Lakewood could have its liquor license revoked following an undercover operation that revealed illegal drug sales taking place inside the establishment.

Four people were arrested and five additional suspects were sought today after investigators from the state Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control conducted an undercover operation at a bar in nearby Lakewood.

ABC investigators discovered illegal drug activity at The Hideaway, a restaurant/bar at 5523 South St. in Lakewood, prompting a four-month investigation during which they were able to purchase marijuana, heroin, Vicodin and Xanax.

Purchases were made from seven different individuals and it is believed each was done with the knowledge, and in some instances direct aiding and abetting, by various bartenders and/or employees of the bar, according to the agency.

During the last undercover operation at The Hideaway on Dec. 13, the investigators purchased marijuana from a patron and as a result, a felony arrest for sales of marijuana was made.

Arrest warrants were also served on three other suspects.

A search warrant was also served at a local residence, resulting in a seizure of about one pound of marijuana, several different types of prescription pills, and paraphernalia directly related to the sale of drugs.

In addition to the criminal charges against the suspects, ABC expects to file an accusation against the licensee. This could lead to a revocation of the license.

- City News Service

Katherine George Chu December 21, 2011 at 09:56 PM
This must be the new "thing". They recently had that OC doctor who was arrested for selling Rx drugs at a Starbucks. One of the baristas was tipped off when a line formed outside the coffee shop but not for cappuccinos. Crazy how dealers are so blatant & think of themselves as start-up businesses now. I wonder if anyone "checked-in" at The Hideaway on any of the social sites. The OC doctor used twitter to let his buyers know where & when to find him. Crazy.
Katherine George Chu December 21, 2011 at 10:04 PM
ooh I just tapped on your link...678 people checked-in on fb. If I were an investigator...I'd check out who was there...& if it's legal...run background checks in their system to see if anyone with drug felonies pop up...but that's just me U_U
Jon December 22, 2011 at 05:16 AM
You live on Semora Place right?
Ashley Rueter December 22, 2011 at 10:16 PM
So every single person who has been to this bar you think the government has the right to investigate them with out any legitimate cause of action, soley because the bar was raided months possibly years later for something not involving them? Thats called HEAD HUNTING and it's illegal. And it violates our civil liberties as well. Your basicly saying that everybody who has been there should be investigated for drug use and or selling. I must say I would be disgusted if the goverment spent my hard earned money violating peoples civil rights. So much for innocent until proven guilty. You have it reversed, guilty until proven innocent. Your comment screams COMMUNISM. Why don't you move to Cuba where they follow that method of investigation.
Jeremiah Johnson August 06, 2012 at 10:32 PM
You're just pissed because they took your fix away


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