Helicopter Crew Rescues Two Stranded Atop Snowbound Mount Baden-Powell

The unidentified hikers called for help about an hour before sundown on Saturday, a deputy said.

Two people were rescued Saturday evening from snow-covered Mount Baden-Powell in the San Gabriel Mountains, west of Wrightwood and north of Claremont, according to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department.

The unidentified hikers called for help about an hour before sundown and a Fire Department helicopter crew was able to rescue them, Deputy Jodi Wolfe of the sheriff's Palmdale Station said.

Deputies in Palmdale were advised the hikers were stranded atop the 9,399-foot peak, and one of the pair was beginning to experience hypothermia due to freezing or near-freezing conditions.

"The Antelope Valley Search and Rescue Team and Los Angeles County Fire Department were immediately called into action," Wolfe said. "A sheriff's helicopter spotted the stranded hikers and called for the Fire Department’s rescue helicopter. The rescue helicopter landed and picked up the stranded hikers, taking them to the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Search and Rescue Training Facility in Wrightwood."

Search and rescue volunteers provided first aid to one of the hikers and Los Angeles County Fire Paramedics continued first aid treatment, Wolfe said. The hiker was eventually released from the rescue facility.

"This is a perfect example of why it’s important to pay attention to weather predictions when planning a hike," sheriff's Search and Rescue Commander John Johnston said.

"These hikers were very lucky," Johnston said. "Had the call come in an hour later, the sun would have gone down and the temperature would have dropped. Depending on the circumstances, the rescue helicopter may not have been able to fly due to the inclement weather."

Weather forecasts last week indicated snow was coming in the mountains, and by Saturday evening several inches had fallen at elevations above 6,000 feet in the San Gabriel and San Bernardino mountain ranges.

The Antelope Valley Search and Rescue Team has been called upon to perform eight rescues so far this month, Wolfe said.

The Antelope Valley Search and Rescue Team is a nonprofit organization under supervision of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department. For more information visit www.avsearchandrescue.com or www.palmdalevolunteers.com.

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ROBERT E. FISHBACK December 18, 2012 at 07:00 PM
Any way, both of them had their quarters made, except he was able to start a nice camp fire and she had no fire...camp fire! He brought out a bottle of a nice Red and set two wine glasses on a rock. He cupped his ears trying to hear any sound that came from up the way. Nothing. He really missed her...so warm and smart, and yet, so much like a little girl. He could not stand it, and so he snuck through the cover of bushes and boulders in order to watch what she was doing. Now, the lady had failed in getting her fire started and was disgusted. Her thoughts drifted towards the gentleman just down the way. She smelled the smoke from nis fire and acutally prayed that God might cause him to come up to her for a visit. When God did not act according to her prayers, and seeings is was dark now, she decided to use her flashlight to go spy on him. He was just leaving his camp with his flashlight to go spy on her. Seen from above, we see two twinkling lights growing ever so close and then parting as each chose their own way. He saw her light first. She was besides a huge boulder, the size of a house. He decided to sneak up and go to that boulder, and he did. She was no longer there. (He thought)...Like a cat and mouse game, they snuck around the boulder and found nothing. He then stepped around a corner and....(Tolstoy is threatening...look for me)
ROBERT E. FISHBACK December 18, 2012 at 07:07 PM
....he stepped around the corner of the rock and came face to face. Both screamed and both ran, until they realized they had found each other. Then, the twinkling flashlights got closer and closer...they threw their lights down and came together in heavenly hugging and kissing. Realizing they both were so very warm, they played with the idea of just staying as they were. Then both thought of T-Bones and wine and HIS tent big enough for two....and I will leave the rest up to you. They had abit too much wine and called for help...and that was the rescue...They both regretted that decision, but returned to their camp the next day. That is the part that will not be in the news.....The truth of this will not be on Patch either....luv ya all...b
ROBERT E. FISHBACK December 18, 2012 at 07:40 PM
With my fingers....but really..I feel fine thank you...so many wonderful thoughts still available..amongst the thorns
MtnManMike December 27, 2012 at 04:31 PM
Well, THAT was sweeter than Grandma's Christmas fruitcake!...And about as nutty...
ROBERT E. FISHBACK December 27, 2012 at 08:09 PM
MtnMan....Good to hear from ye. If you want to be mildly entertained. google bob.blogspot.com/ or something like that. I am a guest writer on Tropico Station and the blog is called The writings of Bob..or something like that. Tons and Tons of stories about my growing up in Glendale plus a little science fiction threaded with truth from my childhood. As an old man who had fallen into alcoholism and despair, an opportunity came in the form of an alien from Userene and he granted me my wish to travel back to 1952 when I was twelve and be a mentor to myself. I was provided a nice house across the street from myself ! and became acquainted with my Mother and Father and their Son. I had to change my name. I cannot write when I am sober, so I had to.....and it tells in places....


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