LASD: 8 Safety Tips to Reduce Cellphone Theft

Cellphone thefts are becoming more common in L.A. County, so make a note of these tips to help avoid becoming a victim.

With a noticable spike in cellphone thefts in Los Angeles County and throughout the nation, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department has issued some tips intended to help reduce cellphone thefts.

  • Use the security lock code or PIN to lock the information in your phone;
  • Save the serial number;
  • Don't store secrets in your phone;
  • Activate the Global Positioning System in the cellphone. After-market software is available for purchase if the cellphone does not include one;
  • Avoid distracted walking and talking because that's often when cellphones are stolen;
  • Put the cellphone away in a place it is not visible when you are eating;
  • If your phone is stolen, find another phone to use to report the theft to law enforcement;
  • Be a good witness. If you see the suspect, don't try to get it back. Note the vehicle license, color and model and last known direction of travel.
Alex Smith August 31, 2012 at 11:27 PM
1.If it's locked you can kiss it goodbye, perhaps an honest person found it. 2. Remove all personal info after whatever transaction is made. It's not imperative that you keep information on it that anyone can see who holds the phone. And if you must,there are apps that you can use to store convenient personal info that will keep it locked within your phone. 3. Don't leave them visibly in your car. I found not one but two iPhones and was able to return them to their respectful owners through the contacts listing.


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