Los Angeles County Sheriff Offers Holiday Safety Tips

If you see strangers in your neighborhood loitering, sitting in a parked car or knocking on doors with no apparent business or social purpose, call the sheriff’s Cerritos station at 562-860-0044.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department reports an increase in residential burglaries throughout the county and on Monday cautioned Cerritos residents to take extra precautions against burglars.

Residents who see persons unknown to them in their neighborhoods, loitering, sitting in parked vehicles or knocking on doors with no apparent business or social purpose, should call the sheriff's Cerritos station at 562-860-0044.

A sheriff’s deputy will be dispatched to check the neighborhood.

Residents with possessions of great value, such as jewelry or rare collectibles, are encouraged to rent safety deposit boxes at banks to store the items when they are not in use.

Home alarm systems and dogs are excellent residential burglary deterrents. Always lock one's home’s doors and windows when away from the house. In addition, do not leave garage doors open if inside one's home.

For more residential burglary prevention tips, call the City’s Community Safety Division, 562 916-1266, or visit Safer Cerritos here.


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