Your Picks for the Worst Intersections and Roads in Cerritos and Artesia

The streets around Artesia Boulevard and Carmenita Road are considered high problem areas in the Cerritos-Artesia area. Check out the below map for problems across L.A. County.

Last week we asked Patch readers in L.A. County to name their worst intersections, roads and freeway spots and with your input, we produced the above map from reader contributions.

Several problems flagged by readers involved intersections where there is no stop sign or traffic light, causing accident-prone conditions. 

"Its a T intersection with no stop sign. There have been dozens of accidents that go unreported here. You can ask any resident that lives at this intersection and they will have tons of stories for you! A stop sign is need here very bad! Patch please help get it done." -- Re: Leal Avenue and Beach Street

"There is no light to let residents out of Vickie avenue on to artesia boulevard or to direct traffic. There is no stop approaching this section for a quarter mile. Thus traffic speeds average about 50mph. on any given day. There are several accidents at this section every year. Some have been vary serious." - Re: Artesia Boulevard at Vickie Avenue

"Three-way intersection with no stop sign. Vehicles travelling north on Stowers, making a left turn on Rose, do not stop to confirm street is clear before proceeding across intersection." - Re: Stowers Avenue at Rose Street

Please check out the map above for more reader-generated problem intersections and freeway spots in the area.

And it's not too late to add your own - simply click the 'add' button in the upper-right corner of the map and enter the location of the problem area and a description of the problem.  You can also drag the marker directly onto the map if you are not sure how to describe the intersection.

Do you agree with the concerns raised about Cerritos-Artesia's roads and intersections?  Where else in town is a concern for you?


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