Calif. Democratic Party Endorses Sánchez

The California Democratic Party officially endorses congresswoman Linda Sánchez to represent the new 38th congressional district in the upcoming elections.

U.S. Congresswoman Linda Sánchez was officially endorsed Sunday by the California Democratic Party to represent the the new 38th congressional district in California.

Sánchez, who has represented California's 39th district since 2003, won the party's nod after a landslide vote held during a California Democratic Party conference in Whittier last month.  During that conference, 84% of delegates in the new 38th district voted to endorse Sánchez for the position.

"I am honored to have the California Democratic Party’s official endorsement," said Congresswoman Sánchez in a release.  "The support of our party encourages me to work my hardest to fight for California in Washington," she said.

The 38th Congressional district, which was redrawn this year by the California Citizens Redistricting Commission, will compromise about half of Sánchez's current representative area in California's 39th district.

Rep. Grace Napolitano (D-Norwalk) currently holds the 38th district seat and annouced her bid for election in California's 32nd district in August.

Under the new redistricting plan, both the City of Cerritos and the City of Arteesia will join the new 38th district where Sánchez was endorsed.

Rep. Sánchez's supporters say she has a proven track record of securing federal funding for projects in the 39th district and point to the recent $2 million in funds she secured for repairs on the Paramount Blvd. bridge following a tanker truck fire in December.  

Sánchez's campaign says she has also picked up support from 39 elected leaders in the new 38th district along with the Sierra Club, who supports her stance on clean energy and reducing the country's dependance on fossil fuels. 

"I look forward to working together this campaign season to get Democrats elected throughout our region and California," said Sánchez.   "There is much more work that needs to be done to help turn around our economy." 


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