City Council Denies Goodwill SOLAC a Second Store in Cerritos

The Cerritos City Council denied Goodwill SOLAC a conditional use permit to open a second Cerritos location at last week's heavily attended council meeting.

White homemade signs, muffled gasps and cheers filled the Cerritos City Council chambers as the city council denied Goodwill SOLAC a conditional use permit to open a store on Carmenita Road. With Councilman Mark Pulido being the odd man out, the majority of the Oct. 11 meeting audience seemed to be on the council's side.

to use the already deteriorating former Rite-Aid location on 17518 Carmenita Rd. After the city's failed attempt to establish a moratorium, Goodwill conducted a series of open houses, reaching out to residents near the proposed store area. According to Goodwill SOLAC Director of Commercial Operations Julie Dover, Goodwill sent out their store plan to 550 nearby residents, trying to address all the neighborhood's concerns.

"We accept all conditions of approval," Dover said. "We take them seriously, and we understand the consequences for non-performance."

The extensive public comments section of the Oct. 11 meeting provided helpful insight as to what residence really sought to avoid had the permit been approved. Potential for transient activity and late-night drop-offs seemed to be a shared concern for residents, even after Goodwill SOLAC agreed to having its item drop-offs take place in the front of the store and behind a locked gate after business hours. It was easy to tell when a Goodwill SOLAC representative was about to approach the podium when residence behind them would instantly raise their signs reading "NO 2ND STORE."

Cerritos already has one Goodwill location at 10745 South St., on the west end of the city, bordering Lakewood.

Joyce Corrigan, a resident of Cerritos since its Dairy Valley days, said that the Goodwill is "good," but the main concern is the drop-off center, saying the front gate gives it a prison-like appearance.

"I don't want to have a prison in front of my house," Corrigan said. "I don't want a place that has to have gates around it, worried about people that are going to hang around there. I've lived there long enough. I'd rather have the cows back than have the Goodwill store there."

Jonathan Doty, representing partial property ownership of the 17518 Carmenita Rd. location, spoke on behalf of Goodwill. Doty said security cameras will be added, as well as added parking to exceed city code requirement and 400 square feet of landscaping to offset the area's deteriorated state.

"Goodwill will create a shopping alternative for Cerritos, and Goodwill creates jobs," Doty said.

Councilmember Comments

Mayor Pro tem Bruce Barrows said his concern is protecting Cerritos' assets.
"I do have a very strong issue with protecting our assets," Barrows said. "I don't really have a problem with Goodwill and their mission, but I do have a very strong issue with protecting our assets."

Pulido explained to the audience and to his fellow councilmembers that he would, in fact, be voting against the option to deny Goodwill SOLAC a conditional use permit, believing it goes against his conscience.

"I hope that you can respect my position, because I do respect yours. I'm doing this not necessarily for you, but frankly, I'm doing it for my two kids. I can only be who I am."

Mayor Jim Edwards defended his right to vote freely in spite of threats from community members to not favor him in upcoming elections.

"March is the end of my eight years, but I just think maybe this is the time to say that after eight years of hearing threats, I have to be honest with you that I don't like them," said Edwards. "And I don't vote because I'm threatened that I won't get re-elected."

The next city council meeting will be held on Oct. 25.



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Christine October 17, 2012 at 01:26 PM
I'm curious to know how many Goodwill stores have transients hanging around? That seems to be one of the community's concerns, right? It's amazing how some can instill a seed of fear in people & they take it and run. I've always thought that it was some of the 'elitist' attitude some residence had which was preventing the Goodwill store from being built in Cerritos yet those same folks have no problem applying for & receiving government aid.
Dennis Garcia October 17, 2012 at 05:19 PM
Many people in this city suffer from an elitist attitude. They think a Goodwill store is equivalent to a tattoo parlor or a gentleman's club. I know many good, hardworking people. All this stuff I am reading and the opinions and statements of people in the city council makes me think that they are not fit to be in office. You are not capable of making rational decisions because it goes against your gut. Well, I will expose this stupidity. Mark my words, the comical ignorance of these people will be known.
Lauren October 17, 2012 at 08:27 PM
This is absolutely ridiculous. This is why I hate living in Cerritos, everyone thinks there too good for anything or everyone. This will create jobs for the community! Yet, we still have those stuck up people denying such things.
Tim Cambridge October 17, 2012 at 11:58 PM
Christine, Dennis and Lauren - I couldn't agree with you more. Those hypocritical elitist residents should be ashamed of themselves and are an embarrassment to Cerritos and humanity.


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