Cerritos Councilmember Carol Chen Launches Re-Election Campaign

The councilwoman revs up her re-election campaign for the March 2013 election.

Cerritos councilmember Carol K. Chen has begun her re-election campaign in preparation for next year's city council election.

"We're off to a great start ... thanks to your steadfast support I will be re-elected in March, 2013," Chen said at the Oct. 13 kickoff reception.

During Saturday's gathering at the Shadow Park clubhouse, Chen received overwhelming endorsements from the crowd of residents and elected officials. Congressman Ed Royce, Cerritos Mayor Pro Tem Bruce Barrows, Cerritos Former Mayor Paul Bowlen, Cerritos Community College Trustee Jeanne McHatton, Cerritos Planning Commissioner Chuong Vo, and Mary Lou Landers were all in attendance to show their support and commitment to re-elect the longtime Cerritos resident.

"Carol's business acumenand her broad base experience has served the community well," Congressman Royce said. 

Mayor Pro Tem Barrows also chimed in with his support, "She is an excellent councilmember and we are proud to have her represent Cerritos for another 4 years," 

Mr. Cerritos October 20, 2012 at 06:47 PM
Yeah right, Carol Chen is an embarrassment to the City of Cerritos . Take a look around, over grown city trees, uplifted sidewalks, vacant lots, the list goes on. How can anyone vote to re-elect Mrs. Chen when the city looks the way is does under her watch as Mayor. As mayor, Mrs. Chen and the City of Cerritos Managment have been fiscally irresponsible. The only thing she is good for is sliding notes to Coucilman Barrows during city council meetings and to waste tax payer money on unneeded statues.


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