Cerritos Council Approves New Irvine University Building at Cerritos Towne Center

Cerritos City Council approved a new location for Cerritos-located Irvine University. Also, approved was an agreement to employ "at risk" youths to perform maintenance tasks in Cerritos.

At the most recent Cerritos City Council meeting, the body approved a request by Irvine University, currently located at 10900 183rd St., to use a Cerritos Towne Center office building for an educational institution. 

According to Senior Planner Sandy Cisneros, the conditional use permit will allow Irvine University to use an existing 49,000 square foot 2-story building located at 17871 Park Plaza Drive. Interior changes will include new partitions, a reception area and minor electric work. No exterior improvements were requested.

Anthony Lee, a representative of Irvine University personally thanked Cerritos' planning commission and City Manager Art Gallucci.

"We're excited to hopefully continue staying in the city of Cerritos," Lee said. "You guys have been really good to us."

At Risk Youth Employment

The city council approved an agreement with the Conversation Corps. of Long Beach to employ "at risk" youth to perform landscape maintenance at various city parks and facilities. According to Hal Arbogast, Director Public Works/City Engineer, the district provides funding for maintenance through propositions given to local agencies to cover increased maintenance costs. An amount is allocated for the city to contribute to the employment of "at risk" youth. The district has determined the current allocation is at $25,000. 

"Staff worked with the district to create a youth employment program that will be a benefit of the city and will provide purposeful job training to targeted young adults," Arbogast said.

Sept. 24 Protocol Manual Study Session

The city council had a special study session regarding the current protocol manual for the city council. Topics discussed included councilmember stipend, term policies and nepotism. An item that was tabled for future study included using Rosenberg's Rules of Order to conduct business within council meetings. With the council currently using Robert's Rules of Order (which dates back to 1878), Councilmember Mark Pulido and Barrows felt unfamiliar with Rosenberg's Rules of Order by David Rosenberg, who served on Davis' city council for three consecutive terms.

The next city council meeting will be held on Oct. 11.


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