Honda's Helpful Guys in Blue Crash Cerritos College Campus With Free Mugs of Coffee

Stressed out students gearing up for finals on Wednesday enjoyed free mugs filled with coffee during the visit.

The SoCal Honda Helpful Guys in Blue successfully handed out complimentary college coffee & reusable mugs for the students of Cerritos College on Wednesday.

Buzz got around fast in the central quad area of the campus and more than 500 reusable mugs (that read “Mugs Not Drugs”) filled with a total of 20 gallons of complimentary joe were enjoyed all morning by students.

Gearing up for finals, students welcomed the Helpful Guys in Blue with abundant gratitude, and even spent some time hanging out at the Helpful tent … hey, it’s a study break. Most students were stressed about finals and said they were overwhelmed with studying so it was a nice break from the monotony of constant schoolwork.  

Here's some firsthand feedback from students during the Helpful Day at Cerritos College: 

  • “No way, we get free coffee…hook me up!”
  • “That’s what I’m talking about; mugs not drugs!”
  • “Thanks blue guys or guys in blue or whatever, but thank you.”
  • “I am buying a Honda after finals, I can’t wait.”
  • “That’s a lot of coffee and a lot of mugs. NICE.”
  • “Now for the big question, will you guys take my finals for me”

Why Do the SoCal Honda Helpful Guys in Blue Do This?

It’s simply their job to be helpful in the community by passing out complimentary coffee and cool travel mugs for students gearing up for finals week at colleges across SoCa.l

Please visit Facebook to find out what college the Guys in Blue will be crashing next. 


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