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I'm a married mother of 3 girls. I also am also pursuing my BA in Early Childhood Education through the online university Ashworth College. I work as an Executive Assistant for a Cerritos-based company.  I grew up in the Bellflower-Lakewood area and currently reside with my husband and children in Norwalk.  My interests include shopping (what woman doesn't like shopping?), beauty products (I have literally tried almost every hair product on the market to tame my tempestuous locks!), cooking, fishing, camping, shooting and sewing among many other things. 
I am very interested in health and beauty products because as a mother I have very little time and money to spend on myself. I have to be frugal, BUT I still want to look good and have the confidence that goes along with that. I also want to give my daughters the best that I can with what little money that I do have. Thus, I am a voracious internet deal scouter and shopper.  I have tried many products thanks to "deal-a-day" sites; things I never would have tried since they are generally cost prohibitive, or simply because I hadn't heard of them until I found them on the site.  My husband and I also LOVE to try out new places to eat when we can get away for a bit. Whether it is the new hole in the wall that opened up down the street, or the national chain that opened a new franchise in the area, we are there to experience the atmosphere and hopefully a great meal. 
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