Lemon Grove has been my home for most of my life, my family's and my ancestors.  There is a street in Lemon Grove that is actually, "home-made,". Goodman Lane was created by the blood, sweat and tears of my StepFather, Lionel Goodman, my Uncles Gerry, and Arti, and Grandfather, "Pops".  Of course, Gramma was the bedrock of the abovementioned; she had the sweetest smile.  I was only eight at the time, watching them pound the hammers laboriously was quite a sight!
My passions include: dogs, dogs, oh, yes, dogs! LOL  I also love humor,  culinary arts, movies, scrabble, internet surfing and getting together with my BFF's, two footers and four.  Currently, two major pet peeves: litter and bullies.  We will stop both of these problems.
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